About Us

Who We Are?

Nature at Home is the first “Well-Being” on-line market in Lebanon committed to offer all what you need for a healthy and joyful life style . We are ready to walk with you the way of well-being through introducing nature to your home environment .

We are a team who do believe that human beings are deeply rooted in nature and when getting away from it their well-being will be compromised. For this we decided to design this web site so that as easy as a “click” you can access a world of natural organic products as well as services that will lead you to the hart and taste of Nature.

For us being close to Nature is haw we can contribute to a better world where all creatures are living in harmony and joy.

This online shop will put Nature a step ahead of you, do this small step and log on to www.natureathome-lb.com and we will make a giant step towards you and introduce nature again to your life style.

Our Conviction

Our conviction is when we consume and pay for natural products we are voting to Nature and we are investing in the future of our children, we are simply saying we want our children to continue living in a friendly and natural world,…let us put our hand together and favor all what is produced and practiced in harmony with Nature so that Nature can stay around…

That is why we do not treat you as “client” or consumers, rather we believe and consider you as Partners… You are our partner in this endeavor and each pound you spend to buy from this shop, you are supporting our mission... That is why we are convinced that you are our Partners… so do not hesitate to share with us your propositions, queries and complains,… it is your right to have the best delivered to your home from your company,… we are there for you and to give you the best of Nature,….

How We Do?

Our Mission

Our mission is Bringing Nature at your hand reach,… where a variety of products and services will be available for you at unbelievable prices.

Our Values

We value all creatures living and present around us. For us Nature is not a product, Nature is what surrounds us it is our daily life style and attitude.

Our Policies

We do not sell, we do not have sales mans in pour team, we count on you,… you are part of our Mission,… and we believe that you are the best ambassador for us…

How We Serve You?

We are present to serve you with the best what Nature offers. All our fresh and processed food are exclusively organic, that has been produced with love and harmony with the natural ecosystem, no synthetic pesticides or hormones or antibiotic or GMOs has been used, we only use what comes row from nature.

A variety of home appliance, environmentally friendly and alternative energy, food supplements and naturalistic therapies as well as Edible and organic Landscape design will also be introduced to you throughout our wide network, friends and partners…

We will be sensitive to your special need and will be ready to add to our products line whatever you may need and propose on us.

Dare to experience the taste of life with Nature at Home and its products.