Food security Initiative

Do you want to stop being a consumer and start being a producer?

Do you want to secure enough greens and proteins to your family from your home surroundings?

Are you interested to sell the extra products you produce?

Nature at Home is there to assist you, transforming your surrounding into a productive area:

  • - Space inside your house
  • - Balconies
  • - Windows
  • - Home Garden
  • - Your village garden or land.

Call us on 03 751709.

With the increasing stress of the economy collapse in Lebanon and the pressing need to reset a community with a mentality of production; Nature at Home is taking the initiative to support you to invest in your surrounding and start production from inside your house, to your windows and balconies, to your home gardens and this in the aim to secure your family food intake and protein, but also to contribute into a green and healthy environment and to start being not just a consumer but a producer.

Nature at Home will be ready to assist you to start your own production unit through providing 2 kinds of services:

Assessment and design visit: To put in place a system that is customized to your home conditions with the available resources, the design will allow you to produce maximum greens and proteins that you may need.

Regulars technical visits: To ensure that the production is running smoothly and to provide you on-hand training and tips to sustain your project in good conditions.

The good news is, if you succeeded to produce more than what you need, with good quality; Nature at Home will be ready to assist you to find market through buying your extra products and selling them to where they are needed.

Our aim from this initiative is to establish a network of Producers / Consumers who are committed to their health, environment and to each other for a better way of living.

The cost for first visit: 200,000 LBP.

The cost for a follow up visit: 150,000 LBP.

Call us on 03 751709.